Collaboration with Apple Europe

Supported by Moving Brands,


Yang Rae - YR

Apple had the brief of connecting with an unsigned recording artist to create a collective cultural narrative. Using Apple products to create a brand animations or videos and Instagram stories. A group work produced with Esther Gbogboade. We decided to represent Yang Rae's complicated life through layering and collaging. 



The experiments consist of try and error. We wanted to visually represent what his life looked like and allow him to stand out, because everything will and does make sense when he plays. We decided to make it more physical and allows the imperfections of the photocopying to come out and show the realness of his life. 

polaroid 6.png


The logo is quite simple, yet complicated. The tape represents how music makes his life simple by placing it together. The background is noise, cluttered and busy to represent his life without music.

Scan 4.jpeg

Social media 

The main platform that we promoted is music and brand is Instagram. It is a great way to allow other musicians to collaborate and keep in touch for future music opportunities. 

Poster yang WHITE LOGO.png

Exhibition at Apple Headquarters London.