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Beautiful Bulgaria

Bulgarian emigration began in the early 1990s, the country has lost nearly 2 million people, this is partly due to Bulgaria having one of the lowest salary wages in the EU at €575 per month. My audience is 17 - 29 year old Bulgarians, it is estimated that 4260 Bulgarians, that belong in this age group, leave Bulgaria yearly and never return. This is a campaign which showcases the job opportunities in Bulgaria, and its beauty, through 3 videos.


The tests and experiments revolved around the Bulgarian flag. I used the colours from the flag as a colour palette to drive this campaign. Each colour has a specific meaning. I took those and adapted them to the jobs. For example; white stands for courage, love and peace. I took this information and carefully though how this can be adapted to either city life, mountain or beach life. The reason I choose the mountains is because one for the amount of white you see there and because it is after all peaceful and there is a lot of freedom which is suitable for freelance work. 

9 - landscape.png


I am not one for copy and language, as what I think may sound good may not be actually grammatically correct for English. I really wanted to make this campaign simple, but the copy to come out and attract the audience. It was hard, definitely challenging. I enjoyed playing around with different fonts and placements. 


The branding is combined with all of the three videos which advertise the jobs and the beauty of the country. The colour palette is influenced by the colours of the flag and the shape of B. 

9 - landscape.png


Three people were interview with the question being asked; "What is your dream job?". Based on this question I managed to a lot of information specifically towards them. This gave me the idea of basing the copy of our 5 sense, taste, sigh, hear, etc. This allowed the videos to become more alive and more personal and target people emotionally.



When creating these I constantly kept thinking if I went to a different country what would I want to see and take back home with me. Placing myself in the shoes of a tourist, I explored the merchandise world by combining it in an adaptive way with the branding.