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Ravensbourne University 

Degree Show,


We are 906

It's been a crazy year. Due to Covid-19 we weren't able to have a "normal" Degree Show at Ravensbourne University. We took this into our advantage and we decided to take our degree show to the industry by hiring a van and taking 906 on tour. We are 906. 5 teams. A crazy collective. 


Socials team

The degree show contains of 5 different teams; publication, copy, design, socials and events. I took part of the socials team. To make it easier for us, we decided to divide the team in two, strategists and designers. Me and Maisie took over the strategy team. Despina and Emma took over the design part. 


Social media - strategy 

The strategy involved planning, researching and collecting the needed information and files so we are all prepared for the posting on Instagram. 


Posting on Instagram

We decided to create a testing account which allowed us to see how the posting will look like on the feed. This gave us more preparation and allowed us to see the details which will be important for everything to link and connect well. We created the #weare906. Luckily it was free and there wasn't random stuff around it. The captions for the students were created by the students which is just their bio on their websites. The captions for the memories was written by the copy team while me and Shiv Patel collected imagery and made them black and white which allowed the emotions on the photos to speak for themselves. 

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