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Teen Vogue x

The Case For Her


Branded content,


Teen Vogue collaborated with The Case For Her. Sex education often leaves out important information about our bodies and sexual and vaginal health. We are expected to figure it out by ourselves. The challenge is to educate about the orgasm gap as research shows that women don't know their bodies. So I decided to provide women with facts about female wellness in order to spark the conversation online.

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I was always interested to find different way to show and represent data. It's important because it's a way of educating society about simple elements of life. I have a big passion about research and finding things out which allows us as humans to expand our capabilities. 



'Laska' is a Bulgarian word which literally means 'pleasure' but in a soft way. By building the brand around this word, I was able to target the right colours for the right audience. Representing softness, carrying and wellness.

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Instagram was the most appropriate platform for this topic. By using the different interactive elements that Instagram has, it allows the audience to be active and the brand to know what it needs to post more. The brand creates a clearer and closer connection with it's audience.