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Personal work

Arduino project,


The Coconut Show

A group project produced with Czarina Ubasa and Lucy Oakley.​ Creating an instillation using Arduino with the inspiration being a song; Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches. The narrative of the song is based on a character called Dexter, and his mental instability. Using samples from different songs, the band created a musical experience that is definitely capable of giving the general public an idea of what it’s like to be insane. We created an instillation to show and represent that.



This project took the life out of me. I am not one for coding and it's incredibly hard for me, but it worked and I am super proud. The coconut show consists of three coconuts which spin. For this we needed three motors and three buttons, so when you press a button it spins. There were many many try and errors from the code to the wires and even the weight of the coconuts. 


Bring it to live.

This project is a physical installation, the only way to advertise it in the outside world is just to make people laugh, look up from their phones and act as a little distraction in the big city.