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The O2 Arena



Three word pop art poems

A group project produced with Emma Coleman.​ The O2 offers a huge range of different experiences and activities. The challenge is to bring people into The O2 Arena. We decided to bring a fresh touch. Using grids of iconic imagery, inspired by pop art to represent different experiences across a night out.​ 'Three - word pop art poems' tells short visual stories of experiences in the arena. 

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The testing consistent of various experiments such as; photocopying different famous pop art imagery, physically trying to re-create imagery and hand drawing different images on a grid system.

Popcorn, crunch, shh, FINAL0054.jpg


We wanted this to feel as real as possible by adapting the elements we had created.  We used the structure we had formed and adapted it to the world of cinema.

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Understanding how bowling works and looking at the structure of the grid and adapting those elements. This gave us the opportunity to understand the elements we had to work with and create an accurate movements for various of sizes for the screens at the O2.

Pop Art Emma Coleman0069.jpg


Just the way we adapted the elements for the cinema, we wanted to create the same effect. Bowling is amazing to have parties, so things such as stickers are a great way to also spread the word about the campaign.

And of course, finally, it happened.